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Sport Riding and Equestrian Team

If you are motivated to take your horsemanship skills to the next level, have a horse you would like help training, would like to have a well schooled horse to practice or trail ride on, want to learn to work cattle or be coached at a horse show, or maybe just have a fun group to support you in your horsey endeavors, then consider joining the MVRU Equestrian Team.

Join us in the pursuit of excellent horsemanship, education, recreational riding, and equestrian sports. We offer weekly lesson series, beginner thru advanced, English and Western, dressage, jumping, competitive trail riding & eventing.


Club Level ~ $250 per year (any part of the season)

Club membership includes 1-2 Club Days per year.

Recommended for recreational riders and/or folks who intend to attend occasional MVRU clinics or  shows, or participate in Team activities for only part of the riding season. Club members receive same benefits as Team members with some exceptions.

To join download this form and return to MVRU

 Junior Club Level ~ $150 per year  5-10 year olds

New this year!  Junior Club members are 5-10 years old and will enjoy the following benefits:

  • opportunity to purchase ten lesson discount punch cards & Team Ware
  • opportunity to participate in 1 Club or Team Day
  • volunteer training for horse care and lesson assistant opportunities
  • eligibility for practice rides and ¼ horse lease, auditing opportunities at clinics and competitions at home and away

To join download this form and return to MVRU

Entry Level ~ $500 per year    (April 1-Nov 1)

6 months coaching including 2-3 Team Days &/or 3-4 Team lessons

Recommended for 9-13 year olds, and those with more educational, and/or less competitive, goals.  May include traveling to one or two off site clinics or competitions.

*Novice Level ~ $600 per year 

Early Bird Mar 1 –Sept 1         Peak Season April 15-October 15 

6 months coaching including 2-3 Team Days &/or 3-4 Team lessons

Recommended for ages 10- adult who intend to participate in  2 or more off site clinics or competitions.  More trips may be added for additional fee.

*Comp Level ~ $700 per year    the Full Monty  March 1 -November 15

7 months coaching including 3 Team Days &/or 3-4 Team lessons

Recommended for veteran Team Members & Staff, 14 years and older,  including those intending to compete or travel regularly (3 or more times) and/or at recognized events and shows

Comp Team Members who own horse & board @ MLR receive 15% discount on private lessons and training

 **The minimum commitment for showing in Horse Trials or Recognized Events is ½ leasing or  riding 4x a week,  for 6 weeks prior to the event.

 Club & Team memberships offer the following benefits:  

  • opportunity to purchase ten lesson discount punch cards
  • lessons & Team days as offered for enrollment level
  • individualized goal-setting and training plans, including regular training, clinic and competition schedules
  • client horse health, conditioning and soundness consultation
  • use of Moccasin Lake Ranch facilities - arena, jump field, trails,  & day paddocks by appointment
  • priority for boarding, training, practice rides, horse lease, working student and paid positions will be given to MVRU Team members
  • coaching & transportation to events, team ware and other services available @ additional charge  see further info

For MVRU Team & Club members we offer:

PRACTICE  RIDES:       $25 per hour



 Half and quarter leases may be arranged on a month to month basis

Seasonal leases are available for the following seasons:

Spring - March 10-June 5 

Summer  June 1 -August 24

Fall  August 20- November 10

dates have some flexibility; seasonal leases will take priority over monthly & half leases take priority over ¼ leases.

  • ½ lease = $250 per month - entitles leasee to three rides per week (or 13 per month) under staff supervision, by appointment
  • Seasonal ½ lease = $650,  2 season discount  $1100, 3 season  $1500
  • ¼ lease = $175 per month/*$200 Jr Club– entitles leasee to two rides per week (9 per month) under staff supervision, by appointment
  • Seasonal ¼ lease = $450/*$500  2 season discount $800/*$900, 3@ $1200/*$1450
  • COMP TEAM HORSE LEASE   March 10-November 10  $1500


$420 per month as of March 1st

$125 per week 

$25 per day


         Full Time    $1000 per month (20x) 

         $250 per week (4x)           

$60 per day

TRAINING ONLY    $40 per ride   $150 per week

 'ARENA USE’ (Non-Member) $150 per month,  $20 per ride

Contracted Competition Coaching by MVRU Staff

Includes:   Pre-show organization(entries, transportation, accommodations, meals, etc), daily scheduling, stable management supervision, course walks, warm-up, post-ride analysis & event reflection:

                 * Coaching & *Supervision at competitions   $75 per day 

                 * Groom services @ Competitions   $75 per day 

                 * Coaching at 2- or 3-day event  $140

                 * Course-walk (if not being ‘coached’) $20/course

                 * Dressage test (if not being ‘coached’)  $20/each

Coaching required for 14 & under, and those riders leasing MVRU horses

Other services:        

          Goal Setting/Consultations: $50 per hour for Non- Members

          Shipping Rates:

                   One horse   $1.20 per loaded mile

                   Two horses  .70 ea/PLM

                   Three horses  .55 ea/PLM  

                   Empty trailer   .70/PM

If you are interested in joining the MVRU Team or Club download and fill out this form and return it to annieb@mvriding.org.