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Pony Tails Activities





In Spring 2020, Pony Tales came alive: stories featuring the MVRU ponies and all the shenanigans they got themselves into during the Covid shutdown! These tales are brought to you by our own Christa Culbert! They are available for download on our website or you can acces them on our blog. You can view more of Christa's artwork by clicking here or following her on Instagram at @christaculbert2!

Chapter 1: The Party

The Party PDF

Chapter 2: Homer's Surprise

Homer's Surprise PDF

Tater Tot (our barn cat) Coloring Page

Ginger Coloring Page

Chapter 3: The Happy Plan Begins

The Happy Plan Begins PDF

Sparks and Berry Coloring Page

Ginger's Raincoat Coloring Page

Homer's Grandfather's Amazing Apple Extravaganza Recipe/Activity

Stretch Circle Activity

Chapter 4: The Truth in Make-Believe

The Truth in Make-Believe PDF

Tennesssee Life Coloring Page

Sailing South Coloring Page

LittlEST Black Coloring Page

Stretch Circle Activity

Little Black's Story Game

Chapter 5: Paddy And Myles Go Fishing

Paddy And Myles Go Fishing PDF

Stretch Circle Activity

A House for a Fish Activity

Chapter 6: Willy's Big Decision

Willy's Big Decision PDF

Planting Coloring Page

Growing Plants Coloring Page

Hope Garden Coloring Page

Stretch Circle Activity

Be A Naturalist Activity

Chapter 7: Without Even Leaving the Ranch

Without Even Leaving the Ranch PDF

Creek Coloring Page

Sharks Coloring Page

Dead Bush Coloring Page

Crossing the River of Imagination Activity

Chapter 8: 101 Things to do with a Halter

101 Things to do with a Halter PDF

101 Things to do with a Hat Activity

Chapter 9: Goodbye to a Friend

Goodbye to a Friend PDF

By The Lake Coloring Page

Chapter 10: Big Changes

Big Changes PDF

Trav Unloading Coloring Page

Morning Workout Coloring Page

Wall*E and Trav Coloring Page

Chapter 11: Homer Finds Hope

Homer Finds Hope PDF

Chapter 12: Taking Flight

Taking Flight PDF

0Full payment is due with registration unless other arrangements have been made with the Program Director PRIOR to the registration deadline.  MVRU is committed to providing our services to individuals and families regardless of financial position.  To this end we have scholarships available for those in need.  Scholarship Applications are available by request and are due with registration.


To register for any Summer Session please fill out the 2015 Summer Registration Form and mail it in to MVRU with your tuition.  The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for Registration is June 2nd.  Any registration received after June 2nd will be placed on a waiting list and included in scheduling ONLY if there is space available in a suitable class.


We do our best to create group lessons made up of riders of similar skill and interest levels, who are developmentally and socially compatible, within the constraints of a multitude of schedules! In summer we ride in the earlier part of the day in order to protect our staff   (both two and four-legged) from the heat.