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  Registration for Horsemastership Classes and Cub Horse Club now open

Horsemastership Class Descriptions 

Designed to complement our mounted horsemanship classes by providing learning time related _DSC4572.JPGto horse behavior, healthy horse-keeping practices, general knowledge of horses and related subjects, these classes are intended for a broad audience ranging from complete beginners to experienced horse owners, both children and adults. Class content will vary depending upon the age, experience level and desires of the participants in the group.  We anticipate splitting the classes in order to keep the size manageable and provide optimum learning conditions. 

 Wonderful World of Horses    $100

This class is designed for younger children (6-8 years).  This is a great introductory class for kids with a love of horses and/or those with a strong desire to learn more. Topics may include basic safety, horse behavior, grooming, basic parts of the horse, basic types and parts of the tack, colors and breeds, types of equestrian sports, feeds and feeding, signs of illness, parts of the horse, hoof care & shoeing.


Horsemanship II (9-12 year olds) & III           (13-adult)         $125 &  $150

This is a more advanced course of study for those with pre-existing, good knowledge about horses.  Topics covered may include horse behavior, horse handling skills, equine health care, understanding vital signs, first aid kits & emergency care, types of lameness - detection and treatment, bandaging, dental care, disease and parasite prevention, conditioning, transportation safety, special tack and training tools.



Classes will take place for 5 weeks, beginning November 6 and ending December 13, 2017

November 6-9 Early Release for MVSD 

We intend to use these days for practicing horse handling skills. Classes will run for an extended time period, between 12:45 and 3:45 pm  on these days.

Nov 11 no school MVSD

We intend to use this day for practicing horse handling skills. Classes may  run for an extended time, between 10:30am and 3:45 pm  on these days.

Thanksgiving  Week  We intend to hold classes Monday & Tuesday ONLY. 



To register for classes complete the Registration Form, mail it along with tuition check made out to:

 MVRU  PO Box 58  Winthrop, WA 98862. 

The Registration Deadline is October 27, 2017.  Registration forms must be received (not postmarked) by the deadline.  Any received after the deadline will be put on a waiting list.  If possible return your registration right away so we can plan the class schedule!

For further information contact MVRU @  annieb@mvriding.org or 996.9881

Horsemastership Class DescriptionsCub Horse Club

Methow Valley Riding Unlimited is pleased to offer Horse Club for Methow Valley Elementary Students in grades K-6. We encourage the understanding and appreciation of horses and horsemanship. Activities will include, but are not limited to, learning about the wonderful world of horses, their behavior and care.  Horseback riding is NOT part of Horse Club but there MAY be opportunity to interact with live horses.IMG_0074.JPG

Horse Club will take place on Wednesdays Nov 1-Dec 13, at MVE.  There will be a $25 fee, which may be waived by filling out the accompanying Scholarship Application. Club size will be limited. Enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis. MVRU will communicate with parents via email UNLESS specific request is made otherwise. To register, cut fill out and return Registration Form(and Scholarship App, if applicable) along with Registration Fee to:  MVRU  PO Box 58  Winthrop, WA  98862.

Registration due by Oct. 27th.

Scholarships for tuition assistance are available.  Review the Scholarship Information, located to the right,  for additional information on how to apply.


Full payment is due with registration unless other arrangements have been made with the Program Director PRIOR to the registration deadline.  MVRU is committed to providing our services to individuals and families regardless of financial position.  To this end we have scholarships available for those in need.  Scholarship Applications are available by request and are due with registration.


To register for any Summer Session please fill out the 2015 Summer Registration Form and mail it in to MVRU with your tuition.  The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for Registration is June 2nd.  Any registration received after June 2nd will be placed on a waiting list and included in scheduling ONLY if there is space available in a suitable class.


We do our best to create group lessons made up of riders of similar skill and interest levels, who are developmentally and socially compatible, within the constraints of a multitude of schedules! In summer we ride in the earlier part of the day in order to protect our staff   (both two and four-legged) from the heat.