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Our Horses

Fantastic lesson horses are key players in the MVRU equation for success. Our horses are carefully selected for even temperament, intelligence, conformation and quality of movement and training. It can take up to two years of thoughtful training in order to prepare them to be fully confident in all aspects of their work. We value their generous spirits and provide them with the best lifestyle, care and love.

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Buttons joined the Methow Valley Riding Unlimited family in August 2007. Born in 1996, she is a 16 hand Percheron/Appaloosa cross. She is big and powerful, but gentle and calm. Her dressage training and even, comfortable gaits make her a pleasure to ride. She is steady and dependable over jumps and on the trails. Buttons is a fabulous vaulting horse, as well as becoming an integral part of our therapeutic and sport riding programs.

Buttons is owned and generously loaned by Jasmine Minbashian. 

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Born in 2000, this 14.1 hand, sorrel Quarter Horse is as patient and sensible as a horse can be. She came to Moccasin Lake Ranch as a four year old and quickly became a favorite because of her gentle nature and responsiveness as a saddle horse. This careful mare allows even the smallest of riders to lead, groom, and clean her hooves with confidence. Under saddle, Ginger is popular in the arena and on the trails with riders of all abilities. Started as a cutting horse, Ginger occasionally gets to show off her moves as we move cattle around the ranch. She was generously donated to MVRU by Gaye Pigott.

Ginger is owned by Methow Valley Riding Unlimited.

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myles2.jpgMyles joined the MVRU herd in December 2017. Born in 2001, he is a dark bay, 14.3 hand Cob cross who came to us from Hood River, Oregon.  Myles had been Lauren Greenleaf’s partner for the past five years participating in Pony Club, eventing, dressage, Washington State High School Equestrian Team events including gaming and cattle work, and trail riding. He is steady, sane, and a complete gentleman!  We're thrilled to have him on our staff!

 Myles is owned by Methow Valley Riding Unlimited.



Sparks Fly is a typy 14 hand Welsh/Welsh Cob mare, born in 2000. Sparks is super smart and athletic with plenty of ‘go’. Her lovely disposition, ground manners and darling face, endear her to riders immediately. She is super fun to jump and a fantastic trail pony.

Sparks was donated to MVRU in February of 2012 by former MVRU rider Devon Trepass and her mom, Tracey March of Bend, OR.

Sparks is owned and generously loaned by Jasmine Minbashian.

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Strawberry is the newest addition to the MVRU herd, joining us in February 2018. Born in 2010, she is a purebred Welsh pony, measuring in at just 13.1 hands. The Welsh Pony breed is known for its intelligence and surefootedness and Strawberry is no exception. Her sweet, gentle temperament is a wonderful complement to her free-flowing movement and athletic jumping skills.

Strawberry is owned by Methow Valley Riding Unlimited.




Wall*E joined the MVRU team in 2018. He was born in 2000 and is a Thoroughbred/Welsh cross, but comes in at just 13.1 hands! He has successfully competed through Novice level eventing. Wall*E is EXCELLENT on the lunge lines, which makes him perfect for our littlest riders testing out their first posting trot.

Wall*E is owned by Methow Valley Riding Unlimited.

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In Memoriam...

The wonderful horses below were an important part of the MVRU family

Little Black

LB_2.JPGAlthough Little Black has passed on, we remember him with so much fondness. Little Black became Tulie B's pony when she was 7 years old. Her years of attention and training turned him into a fabulous pony in the arena, on the trails and chasing cows. Little Black was born around 1986. He was a 13.1 hand, black Welsh/Quarter Horse cross. His large personality was packed into a user-friendly size that drew the smaller riders to him. Black's responsiveness and obedience under saddle quickly built confidence in the youngest of riders, making him invaluable for all of our kids programs.

Little Black was part of MVRU for decades. For a small pony, he made a big impact on the lives of many young children. To read Christa's story about LB, click here.

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Homer's Odyssey was a gentle, kind 15 hand Paint, born and raised in Washington State in 1991. He was trained in dressage and jumping. He loved to compete - especially in jumping - and go fast while still being trustworthy and dependable.

He was great on the lunge line and was a favorite for teaching riders their first canter. He had a white 'H' on his right side and his forelock sheds out every summer into an unbraidable tuft, earning his nickname Fraggle. Other nicknames included Homedog, and Homingbird.

Homer was owned and generously loaned to MVRU by Jasmine Minbashian.

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FinesseFin-headshot.jpg joined Methow Valley Riding Unlimited in February, 2007. Born in 1996, Finesse was a lovely black, 14.1+ hand Morgan/Quarter Horse cross. She was an intelligent mare with extensive training and quality gaits. Finesse had the athleticism and talent to challenge our most advance riders, while also being quiet and patient enough for beginners. She excelled at dressage, jumping, lunging and long-lining, making her a valuable addition to our program.

We will greatly miss this wonderful mare!

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